PLTW Core Trainings

Each summer, Mississippi State University offers Core Training for Engineering, and Gateway to Technology programs to train participants to become Project Lead The Way teachers. According to the PLTW network agreement, only trained PLTW teachers may teach the curriculum.

Core Training provides teachers with the knowledge to utilize the PLTW technology, software and associated curriculum. Classes are taught by PLTW Master Teachers and Affiliate Professors who bring hands-on teaching experience to the classroom. PLTW pays significant attention to assessing the teachers’ readiness for the intensive training.

Registration for the core summer training is now open. You can register at Classes (and class sizes) are limited, so register early!

2018 Core Training Opportunities

  • July 8-13: Automation and Robotics (AR)
  • July 8-20: Principles of Engineering (POE)
  • July 15-20: Design and Modeling (DM)
  • July 22-24: Launch Classroom  Lead Teacher Training
  • July 22-24: Launch Classroom  Teacher Training

Enrollment Guidelines

  • Schools must have a signed network agreement with Project Lead The Way for teachers to participate in the core training.
  • You MUST complete the PLTW Launch Readiness and Core Training course. This can be accessed through the Learning Management System (LMS) within All Readiness Training modules must be completed by 11:59 p.m. ET on the Thursday prior to the first day of Core Training and are a requirement of successful completion of Core Training. Completing the assignments is the only way to be sure you have all of the required software needed for the training on the laptop you will bring to the CTI.
  • Teachers must register online at the national PLTW website and complete the teacher assessment. You can also register by calling 877- 335-PLTW (7589).
  • If you register online, you will receive a confirmation email from Mississippi State University asking for further information about your training, hotel accommodations and other conference details.
  • Mississippi teachers may not go out of state for training unless the course desired is not offered at Mississippi State University. If a teacher has extenuating circumstances that make it impossible to attend core training at MSU, the teacher must contact the affiliate director to arrange for taking the course in another state.
  • Course offerings are dependent upon enrollments. If there is insufficient enrollment, the course may be canceled. Decisions regarding course offerings will be determined three weeks prior to the start of core training. Also, there is a cancellation fee for teachers who cancel their enrollment after four weeks prior to the start of core training.

2018 Cost Breakdown

Tuition per National PLTW (Mandatory for all participants)

  • POE (2 weeks) = $2,800
  • GTT-DM, GTT-AR, and GTT-MD (1 week each) = $1,500
  • Launch Lead Teacher Training (2.5 day)= $715
  • Launch Classroom Teacher Training ( 2.5 day)=$715

Meals: $46/day per person (Mandatory for all participants)
Breakfast and Lunch included for all participants (M-F). Also, includes meet and greet meal. Class room and work time is 8 a.m.–7 p.m. daily.

  • POE  (2 weeks ) = $598.00
  • GTT-DM, GTT-AR, and GTT-MD (1 week each) = $270.00
  • Launch Lead Teacher Training (2.5 day)= $115
  • Launch Classroom Teacher Training ( 2.5 day)=$115

Parking: $10/day (Mandatory for all participants)

  • POE  (2 weeks) = $130.00
  • GTT-DM, GTT-AR, and GTT-MD (1 week each) = $60.00
  • Launch Lead Teacher Training (2.5 day)= $20
  • Launch Classroom Teacher Training ( 2.5 day)=$20

Total estimated cost per participant:

  • POE Tuition: ($2,800) + Meals ($598) + Parking ($130) = $3,528
  • GTT-DM, GTT-AR, and GTT-MD Tuition: ($1,500) + Meals ($270) + Parking ($60) = $1,830
  • Launch Lead Teacher Training Tuition: ($715)+ Meals ($115) + Parking ($20)= $850
  • Launch Classroom Teacher Training Tuition: ($500)+ Meals ($115) + Parking ($20)= $635

* Rates and prices reflect cost estimate as of February 2018. Total charges are subject to change.

Housing is the responsibility of the attendee and school. Reservations for PLTW Summer housing should be made by calling the Courtyard Marriott in Starkville, MS at 662.338.3116 directly. The group code is “PLW”, the room rate is $99 plus taxes/per night. The address to the hotel is 100 Mercantile St, Starkville, MS 39759.

Questions?  Contact:

Dr. Vemitra White
Director of Educational Outreach and Support Programs, K-12 Outreach
Mississippi State University