Human Factors Working Group

Human Factors is a broad, multidisciplinary research area requiring collaboration across colleges, departments and research centers. The Human Factors Working Group provides a BCoE-led cross-college organization for fostering collaboration, expanding research activities and involving students. The research interests of the members of the Human Factors Working Group are varied and include interests in transportation safety, driver multitasking, vehicle manufacturing, evaluation of human performance in high stress, high speed domains (military, law enforcement, athletics), design of interfaces, data visualization, robotics, and computational modeling. The Human Factors Working Group welcomes all faculty and research staff interested in aspects of human performance. Please contact Daniel Carruth to be added to the group mailing list.

Group Coordinator

Daniel Carruth


Center for Advanced Vehicular Systems
Teena Garrison
John McGinley
Richard Sween

Computer science and engineering
Cindy Bethel
Ed Swan

Industrial and systems engineering
Kari Babski-Reeves
Lesley Strawderman

Adam Knight
JohnEric Smith

Focus areas / scope of activities

  • Cognitive and Physical Aspects of Human Behavior and Performance
    • Human Studies and Computational Modeling and Simulation
    • Posture, Motion, and Biomechanics
    • Physiological Measures
      • HR, ECG, EEG, GSR, Stress cortisol, Eye tracking
  • Virtual Environments and Augmented Reality
  • Driving Simulation
  • Virtual Environments for Virtual Prototype Evaluation and for Training


  • Transportation Safety
  • Driver Behavior and Performance
  • Motorsports
  • Vehicle Manufacturing and Maintenance
  • Emergency Responders
  • Military Operations
  • System Interface Design
  • Human-Robot Interaction
  • Athletics

Group Accomplishments

In the past, the working group has encouraged collaborative efforts by supporting multiple small group meetings focused on proposal development and has supported outreach efforts to international partners including Cardiff University. In the last three years, the working group has provided funds to support undergraduate and graduate student research projects. The working group has invited external speakers including representatives from motorsports and law enforcement. The working group also hosts a research symposium during the spring semester.