Unmanned Aircraft Systems

Group Leader

Ratan Jha - Raspet Flight Research Laboratory


Aerospace engineering
Yang Cheng
PC Cinnella
Tom Lacy
Rani Sullivan
Adrian Sescu

Center for Advanced Vehicular Systems
Daniel Carruth

Chemical engineering
Hossein Thoghiani

Computer science and engineering
Cindy Bethel
Mahalingam Ramkumar

Electrical and computer engineering
Derek Anderson
J.W. Bruce
Randy Follett
Bryan Jones
Pan Li
Yong Fu

Geosystems Research Institute
Robert Moorehead

Industrial and systems engineering
Lesley Strawderman

Mechanical engineering
Oliver Myers

Office of the Dean
Rita Burrell
Masoud Rais-Rohani

Raspet Flight Research Laboratory
Matt Fox
Ratan Jha
Calvin Walker

Focus areas / Scope of activities

The UAS Working Group (UASWG) aims to promote collaborative discussions and research on matters concerning unmanned aircraft systems (UAS). In addition, the UASWG works on establishing and promoting unmanned systems engineering education at MSU.

List of major accomplishments

The UASWG members have served as instructors for the first engineering UAS course in BCOE (ASE4990/6990). Although the class has an ASE course code, it is open to any undergraduate and graduate student in BCoE. The class has 12 undergraduate and nine graduate students (19 ASE and 2 ECE students). The UASWG is seeking to have individuals from the UAS industry to speak to the working group and to the student body. These speakers are invaluable in conveying the current and future engineering needs in the unmanned systems.

Join our group

The UASWG invites MSU faculty/staff to join and contribute to the mission of the working group.  UASWG was instrumental in helping to form the first engineering UAS course in BCoE. Members of the UASWG were key writers to the proposal for the State of Mississippi’s bid for one of the six FAA Unmanned Aircraft Test Sites. In addition, members of the UASWG have contributed to MSU’s efforts to host the FAA Center of Excellence for Unmanned Aircraft Systems.  Members with research interests in any aspect of UAS design (airworthiness, sense & avoid, data link security, ground control station) and UAS applications (precision agriculture, environmental monitoring, etc.) are welcome to join the working group.

Contact Information

Ratneshwar (Ratan) Jha, Ph.D.
Raspet Flight Research Laboratory