Bagley College of Engineering COVID-19 Guidelines  DETAILS

BCoE COVID-19 Guidelines

The COVID-19 situation continues to evolve as we enter the fall semester and work to address and update necessary changes to the best of our ability. For those faculty and students participating in on campus activities please be aware of signage in hallways, classrooms, and office doors alerting you to COVID-19 guidelines for each of those spaces. More general information is available at the following links.


Confirm via the master schedule at whether your classes are listed as on campus or online. Please check your schedule prior to the first day of classes to confirm where they will be located. The university has resourced non-traditional classroom space throughout campus.

Note there are larger time frames between classes to allow you to access your classes in more remote settings and also to allow for appropriate social distancing.  The master schedule at also indicates your accurate class times.

Click the appropriate links for more information.

All courses will be online for Summer 2020. Click the appropriate links for more information.

The Spring 2020 semester will conclude on April 29. Click the appropriate links for more information.