Cost & Payment


Effective Fall 2019

$714.00/graduate credit hour ($489.00 tuition per hour + $200 distance learning fee per hour + $25 non-refundable instructional support fee per hour)

$2,142.00 per 3-hour graduate course

The distance learning fee is not charged for research hours or directed individual studies.

Cost is the same for in-state or out-of-state residents. Tuition is assessed on a per credit hour basis at the rate determined by the Institution of Higher Learning, the governing board of Mississippi State University. Tuition rate and the distance learning fee are subject to change from year to year.

You can learn more about Tuition and Fees at Mississippi State University at Account Services.

Electronic billing statements are available to students on or about the 15th of each month via the University’s secure myState portal. Students will receive a monthly email notification that their account has been billed. These statements contain a monthly summary of charges and credits to the student’s account. Regular monthly payment due dates are the 9th of each month.

Tuition and Fee Information

Visit the Account Services page for more information about your student account. This page includes links to tuition, billing, and payment information.

Please provide your MSU ID number with ALL payments and requests for information.

Account Services

The Account Services page contains all the information relating to your account. You may access information on how to manage your university account, tuition schedule, information on refunds, and frequently asked questions.

Veterans and Active Military

Veteran and active military students should contact regarding military tuition assistance. The Center also serves as a support and service unit. Forms, contact information, and other relevant information are available at this site.

Sponsored Students

Students who are sponsored by a specific organization, corporation, or governmental agency should contact Delisa Pogue in the Sponsored Students Office.


Information about account refunds can be found at the Office of the Controller and Treasurer.

Withdrawal from the University

Any student terminating enrollment prior to the end of the semester, except for temporary absences, should initiate a withdrawal request in the myState system (login required). It is available in the Registration menu under the Banner tab. The withdrawal request must be filled out in its entirety; also, it is your responsibility to ensure that your advisor/responsible person in your academic program is aware of your withdrawal. Refunds for tuition and distance learning fee for withdrawals are based on a prorated scale.

Drop Policy

Drops (Fall & Spring Term): Students who reduce their normal course load during a semester to a level which results in a reduction in tuition and distance learning fees may receive a 100 percent refund for the courses dropped through the fifth class day. After the fifth class day, no refunds are made for individual courses dropped.

Drops (Summer Term): Drops for all summer terms will be refunded at 100 percent of tuition and distance learning fees during the first class day. After the first class day, no refunds are made for individual courses dropped.