Bagley College of Engineering COVID-19 Guidelines  DETAILS

Tutoring Schedule

Spring 2021

Click on a tutor's name for their WebEx link.
Password: ELLCFall2020

WebEx installation instructions can be found at

Mentoring can also be provided through Microsoft Teams or some other way. If you have issues or concerns, or if you just want some advice, email your Tutor and let them know so they can set up something for you.

ELLC Tutor Schedule

Sophie AshbrookO 9-10am
F 3-6pm
O 9-10am
O 11:30am-1:30pm
F 2-3pm
Heather BouseF 2:30-6:30pmF 2:30-6:30pm
Hannah HugginsO 9-10am
O 12-2pm
O 1-2pmO 9-10am
O 12-1pm
O 10am-12pm
Serena LilesO 1-2:30pm
F 4-5pm
F 3:45-4:45pmO 1-2:30pmF 3:45-4:45pm
Lindsay RobertsO 1-2pm
F 2-3pm
O 11am-1pmO 1-2pm
F 2-3pm
O 11am-1pm
Paul SmithO 10am-12pmO 9-11amO 10am-12pmO 9-11am
Lauren SummerlinO 1-2pm
F 2-4pm
O 1-2pm
F 2-4pm
O 4:30-6:30pm
All times are CST.
O indicates an online session. F indicates a face-to-face session in McCain 115.