• Surveying at Sunset

    Seniors Travis Mauthe, Austin Byrd and juniors Matthew Roddy and Rob Garner get in some late afternoon practice for the civil engineering surveying team.

  • View from the Top

    To get a true sense of their territory, some engineers seek an aerial view. This also provides a respite from the hustle of the daily college grind. Enjoying a relaxing afternoon in the Junction are (from left) sophomore Ben Riser, industrial; junior Ashlynn Tubbs, chemical; junior Hagan Walker, electrical; junior Robby Chalmers, biological; and junior Emily Dance, electrical.

  • A Feeding Freenzy

    The smell of fresh pizza works to draw the engineering student out of its natural habitat and into the open. At this point they are exposed and become vulnerable for those seeking study assistance, technical support or help moving. Here the engineers have shed the safety of their dens for a slice of hand-tossed pepperoni, including clockwise: sophomore Reid Haygood, civil; junior Derius Galvez, aerospace; junior Justin Johnson, industrial; sophomore Aloryn Davis, industrial; and senior Matthew Wong, mechanical.

  • Afternoons in the Sun

    When not engaged in schoolwork, engineers often seek out sunshine to help them strengthen their bodies and refresh their nutrients,
    like vitamin D, in preparation for long hours indoors during times of peak engineering activity.
    Playing Frisbee on the Drill Field are, from left, senior George Brent Ashmore, civil; sophomore Rebeca Velazquez, civil; senior William Prater,
    mechanical; senior Andy Odenthal, civil; senior Gregory Michener, civil; and senior Daniel Vaughan, civil.

  • Hiding in Plain Sight

    Often engineering majors may be found in typical college situations. Their ability to merge seamlessly with the rest of the Bulldog population works as a natural camouflage. In this colorful display, aerospace majors Adam Grant, left, and Franklin “D.J.” Hogue, right, join secondary education major Aaron Lockett in a show of force to help defend the Bulldog territory in Davis Wade Stadium at Scott Field.

  • The Hunters and the Hunted

    When faced with perceived obstacles to a desired schedule or graduation date, the normally docile engineering student can become a fierce predator. Here, mechanical engineering undergraduate coordinator Tammy Coleman works to calm and satisfy the needs of her pursuers, a defense mechanism developed by many in her position for their continued survival. They include from left, sophomore Lorenzo Jordan, senior Alex Yucatonis, sophomore Stephen Hayden, junior Tausif Jamal, graduate student Palara Grant and senior Taylor Bohach, behind the door.

  • A Battle for Dominance

    While it usually functions as a cohesive group, there can be struggles within the engineering pack for the right to be considered top in the college. In this battle for dominance, senior computer engineering major Justin Taylor (left) spars with sophomore aerospace major Alexander Mecom (right) for bragging rights as members of the crowd show their support. Watching and cheering are, from left, Lisa Gooden-Hunley, cooperative education program; senior Amber Henry, mechanical; senior Melanie Shumock, computer science; and sophomore Daron Chandler, mechanical.

All across Mississippi State University’s campus, people speak in hushed tones about ever-elusive engineering students. Where do they come from? What do they do? These questions have given rise to legends and myths of students with intense course-loads and little social interaction. Take an inside look into the life of this lesser understood group on Mississippi State’s campus—the students of the Bagley College of Engineering.

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