Tours for Schools and Groups

The Bagley College of Engineering at Mississippi State University houses research facilities and instructional centers that offer guided tours of the facilities and instruction on research currently being conducted. School and community groups are welcome to request visits and tours. Please keep in mind that these are working research centers rather than display museums.

Because these are active research areas, days and times may be limited.  Requests for groups of K-12 students are accepted year-round and we will do our best to fill each request. We cannot accommodate more than 25 students at a time. 

For further assistance, please contact Lydia Allison at (662) 325-0479.

Civil and Environmental Engineering/Walker Hall

Visitors will visit labs related to hydraulics where we talk about flooding and flood control, environment where we are conducting research on treating wastewater, biofuels, and biological fuel cells, and materials where we discuss the design of asphalt, concrete and the systems that use them. We also have displays of the steel bridge and concrete canoe and can provide an overview on bridge and structural system design. All visitors MUST wear closed toe shoes.

Tours are only available in the mornings and availability is contingent on current research and coursework in the facility.
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Swalm School of Chemical Engineering

Groups will tour the Unit Operations Labs as well as the freshman design labs – see how MSU students are using LEGO NXT Robotics for building/controlling chemical engineering process operations.  All visitors MUST wear closed toe shoes and long pants.

Tours are available on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday afternoons.
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Center for Computer Security Research

Part of the Computer Science and Engineering Department, the Computer Security Research Center consists of the Computer Security Lay, the SCADA Lab and the National Forensics Training Center. In these labs, MSU students learn how to prevent, detect, diagnose, and understand cyber security threats to all types of digital devices.

Tours are available every Friday from 9 a.m. – 11 a.m.
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The Center for Advanced Vehicular Systems (CAVS)

The Center for Advanced Vehicular Systems (CAVS) is an interdisciplinary center comprised of research, engineering design & development, and technology transfer teams for industry and government partners.  Our focus is on developing superior computational, engineering, manufacturing, design, and information technologies relevant to Mississippi and regional industries. This is accomplished by bringing to bear world-class technologist and technologies to solve complex problems.

On special request, touring groups may interact with the internationally recognized Eco-Car team.

Tours are available by appointment only.
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High Performance Computing Collaboratory (HPCC)

Computational engineering encompasses the design, development, and application of computational systems for the solution of physical problems in engineering and science.  These computational systems include not only the algorithms and software required for the solution of mathematical equations describing physical processes, but also the means and methods of visualizing, analyzing, and interpreting computed results and other physical data.  Tours will include the Maverick and Raptor systems (

Tours are available by appointment only.
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Raspet Flight Research Laboratory

The Raspet Flight Research Laboratory supports the University’s goals of teaching, research, and service. RASPET has acted as an incubator or start-up facility for various aerospace industries in the state by providing work areas, technical training, and access to other MSU assets that provide an economical way to quickly begin operations. Tours will include a variety of aircraft include drones, Boeing PT-17 Stearman, Huey copter and more.

Tours are available by appointment only.
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Request guidelines

All requests must be submitted at least 4 weeks prior to requested date of tours.

All groups should arrive via school vehicles and driver must stay with the vehicle.  Teacher must be able to contact driver with ease.  In the event that multiple private vehicles are used to transport the group, drivers may be required to purchase parking passes ($10/vehicle).  Parking for vehicles may not be in close proximity to research facilities – participants need to plan on walking across campus.  In the event that your group is visiting multiple sites in the same visit, please be advised that many of the centers are a considerable distance from one another and may require long walks or drives from one to the other.  Once scheduled it is the responsibility of the coordinating adult to get visitors from one location to the next.

Chaperones/Adult requirements
Grades 1-3 must have a 1:7 ratio of adult to students.
Grades 4-6 must have a 1:10 ratio of adult to students.
Grades 7-12 must have a 1:15 ratio of adult to students.

Notice: All visitors give express permission to the University and College to photograph them and use those images for future promotional use. All visitors' safety is the responsibility of their school or sponsoring group and not the University or College.