The Bagley College of Engineering’s diversity program has a mission to increase the participation of minorities and women in the field of engineering. The program has been extremely successful in the past few years placing the Bagley College of Engineering in the top 15 institutions of higher learning in terms of graduating minority engineers.

Through the diversity office located in the McCain Engineering Building, students have the opportunity to join a number of groups that promote diversity and enhance the experiences of minority and women students throughout their college career. Each of these programs strives to create an educational environment of inclusiveness and high academic excellence that will continue to succeed in graduating and preparing minority students and women for an engineering career.


The National Society of Black Engineers is an organization that encourages academic excellence, professional success and community involvement in its members. The MSU chapter of NSBE strives to increase the number of culturally responsible black engineers and send them into the profession as leaders in their field.


The Society of Women in Engineering is a national organization that is dedicated to changing the face of engineering and helping female engineers succeed in a professional and personal capacity growing as leaders as well as engineers. The MSU student section hosts Girl Scout Badge Day and assists with WISE Women & Women in Action summer programs.


The Society of Hispanic Professional Engineering, a leading social-technical organization whose primary function is to enhance and achieve the potential of Hispanics in engineering, math and science. The MSU student chapter is encouraging the Hispanic engineering community to initiate, develop, and enhance the skills needed to further ensure the positions of Hispanics in technical degrees.


I Am Girl is designed to create an interest in engineering and science related fields for girls ages 11-14 years old, help mold positive mindsets toward engineering and science related careers, show that engineering and science can be fun and creative, and demonstrate the role of science and engineering in shaping the global economy. The program seeks to demonstrate that girls can maintain their personal identity while pursuing technical majors and career paths.


Increasing Minority Access to Graduate Education is a program that provides a chance for early exposure and preparation for scientific study and research for interested undergraduates. Created in 1991, IMAGE strives to provide a sense of community for minority students and develop connections between upper and lower classmen minority students.

Summer Bridge Program

The Summer Bridge Program (June 23 – July 26) is a part of the Louis Stokes Mississippi Alliance for Minority Participation and is used to help incoming minority freshman students adjust to university life and classes in the following areas of study; Science, Mathematics, Engineering, and Technology.


GWISE was created to improve the graduate school experience for women in science, engineering, mathematics, and in other technical fields, while making graduate school more inviting for women considering further study in STEM fields at MSU, and recognizing women who are achieving success in these fields.

Additional resources

Additional resources can be found through the Mississippi State University Mitchell Memorial Library at library.msstate.edu/diversity.

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