Engineering Education: College-Wide Innovations

Group leader

Jean Mohammadi-Aragh


Aerospace engineering
Rani Sullivan

Agricultural and biological engineering
Renita Horton
Lauren Priddy
LaShan Simpson

Kay Brocato

Chemical engineering
Bill Elmore
Priscilla Hill
Julie Jessop
Maryam Mirabolghasemi

Dana Franz
Rebecca Robichauz-Davis

Civil and environmental engineering
Seamus Freyne

Computer science and engineering
Cindy Bethel
Sarah Lee

Dean of Engineering
Kelley Agee
Amy Barton
John Brocato
Vemitra White

Electrical and computer engineering
Jean Mohammadi-Aragh
JW Bruce
Bryan Jones
Jane Moorhead

Industrial and systems engineering
Stan Buillington
Junfeng Ma
Lesley Strawderman
John Usher
Glenda Young

Mechanical engineering
Alta Knizley
Mathew Priddy
Aaron Smith
Dustin Spayde

Focus areas / scope of activities

The Engineering Education working group has three primary objectives:

  1. Promote a culture of innovation among educators within the James Worth Bagley College of Engineering
  2. Develop pedagogical based innovations for use throughout the James Worth Bagley College of Engineering
  3. Pursue external funding for the purposes of improving engineering education at Mississippi State University

Our activities include working group meetings, proposal development and hosting a distinguished speaker.  Our meetings are held approximately once per month. Half of each meeting will be devoted to group members sharing their educational innovations. The other half will be devoted to discussing funding opportunities related to engineering education. As a result of the working group meetings, smaller sub-groups will pursue various funding opportunities. In the spring semester, the group will host a distinguished speaker on campus. The primary topic will be converting classroom innovations into funded programs. The seminar will be highly publicized and open to anyone on campus. The working group will host the speaker and have additional faculty development opportunities during their visit.

Join the engineering education working group

The BCoE Engineering Education working group invites all colleagues to join in our meetings and events.  We hold regular meetings in which faculty share educational ideas with one another. We are also pursuing external funding in engineering education as a group.  If you are interested in participating, please join us!

Contact information

Jean Mohammadi-Aragh
Electrical and Computer Engineering