Materials Working Group

The purpose of the Materials Working Group is to bring together all research activities at Mississippi State University related to materials research. Since many departments, colleges and institutes are conducting materials research, this group facilitates the transfer of new ideas and permits the maximum utilization of shared resources. This home page serves the important function of helping interested parties in materials related research activities locate expertise at MSU via links to both researcher and research group home pages. In addition, a link indicating some of the capital equipment located on-campus to support these research activities is provided.

Any MSU affiliated researcher interested in this working group may participate. Members are notified of monthly meeting times and locations through the working group mailing list. Please contact Rooban Venkatesh K.G. Thirumalai if you want to be added to the mailing list, or if you have any questions about items on this webpage.

Research Participants & Involved Colleges, Centers and Labs

Materials Certificate

The Materials Certificate is awarded through the College of Engineering in recognition of the completion of an organized plan of study in the interdisciplinary materials engineering & science areas at MSU.The certificate is awarded in addition to degrees in engineering.To learn more about the certificate program and procedures, follow the links to any of the faculty advisors listed to the side or click here for more information. To set up your program of study, the student needs to complete the Materials Certificate Checklist with a faculty advisor from the below list.


Materials Certificate Checklist

Past Awardees

Program Advisors

Steven Elder

Rani Sullivan
Tom Lacy

Isaac Howard

Priscilla Hill
Keisha Walters
Hossein Toghian

Yaroslav Koshka

Program Advisors

Haitham El Kadri
Judy Schneider

Mark Novotny
Seong-Gon Kim

David Wipf
Charles Pittman, Jr.

Forest Products
Rubin Shmulsky
Sheldon Shi

Brenda Kirkland
Craig Grimes