Robotic Systems Working Group

Group Leader

Cindy L. Bethel - computer science and engineering


Center for Advanced Vehicular Systems
Daniel Carruth
Teena Garrison
John McGinley
Eric Collins
Richard Sween

Computer science engineering
Christopher Archibald

Distributed Analytics and Security Institute
David Dampier

Electrical and computer engineering
Derek Anderson
Bryan Jones
John Ball
Jane Moorhead
Pan Li

Industrial and systems engineering
Lesley Strawderman
Linkan Bian

Deborah Eakin

David May
Melinda Pilkinton

Focus areas

Human-Robot Interaction
Human-Computer Interaction and Interface Design
Artificial Intelligence
Unmanned Aerial Systems
Unmanned Ground Vehicles
Unmanned Underwater and Surface Vehicles
Data Integrity and Security
Sensor Fusion
Scene Understanding and Pattern Recognition
LWIR/MWIR/SWIR for low-to-no light and challenging visual environments
Robotic Hardware and Controls
Sensor Integration
Multi-Agent Coordination and Control
Continuum Manipulator Arms and Controls
Collaborative Workspace
User Evaluations
Physiological Responses to Robotics and Related Technologies
Robots for Use in Interviews and Associated Memory and Social Demands
Sociological Issues Associated with Robotics and Related Technologies
Healthcare Robotics
Robotics for Bullying Intervention and Information Gathering
Search and Rescue Robotics
Law Enforcement Robotic Support and Integration
Cognitive Aspects of Robot Integration and Interactions
Robots for Cybersecurity and Forensics
Other Robotic Related Areas

Scope of Activities

Monthly Group Planning Meetings
Subgroup Grant Proposal Meetings
Law Enforcement Lunch and Learn Meetings (2-3 times per semester)
Outreach Events with local schools and the Golden Triangle Boys and Girls Clubs related to STEM
Grant Writing for Competitive and Non-Competitive Funding Opportunities
Robot Movie Nights for Undergraduate and Graduate Student Outreach
Support for BEST Robotics Judging and Mentoring
Other Activities Based on the Interests of the Group

List of Major Accomplishments

Awarded CRES-GV funding from the Army for four projects over a 5-year period.
Awarded Bagley College of Engineering Think Big Project for the Use of Robots for Bullying Intervention – the Working Group sponsored the student-led proposal.
Awarded funding through ARL Human Research and Engineering Directorate (HRED) – 2-month project.
Successful integration of undergraduate students in research projects associated with different team members in the group.
Several members of the group are actively involved in STEM outreach activities with K-12 groups and schools.

Join Our Group

The Robotic Systems Working Group is a multidisciplinary group that is interested in the advancement of robotics and related technologies. This group is interested in the incorporation of robotics into different applications and domains such as education, engineering, psychology, sociology, social work, law enforcement, emergency response and healthcare. The group is open to other ideas for advancing various fields through the use of robots. The group openly welcomes membership and active participation for the use of robots and related technologies and for outreach to advance STEM-related fields and mentor future engineers and scientists.

Contact Information

Cindy L. Bethel, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Computer Science and Engineering