In 1992, the Bagley College of Engineering took action to address and fill the need for talented and creative students to enter the fields of Engineering and meet the national shortage and established the K-12 Outreach Office. The purpose of the K-12 Outreach Office is to develop and implement programs and curricula to engage K-12 students and allow them to explore the fields of engineering through hands-on, minds-on problem based learning activities. Additionally, professional development opportunities are provided for educators of all settings (public, private, charter and home school educators are all invited) in a large variety of STEM-based programs.

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The express mission of the K-12 Outreach Office in the College of Engineering is to engage and expose young people to the field of engineering as well as the variety of potential careers and opportunities within the field; encourage young people to explore their personal interest within the engineering fields; and to bring particular attention to engaging a diverse population of future engineers. We seek to promote diversification in ethnicity, gender, socioeconomic backgrounds, and urban/rural diversity.