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Outreach activities are designed to offer students and teachers the opportunity to explore and learn about the many different facets within the engineering field. The K-12 Outreach offers summer program camps that engage students with interests in math, science and computers in hands-on engineering projects. The interactive projects combine applications of electrical and computer science, chemistry and biological sciences, as well as aeronautic, geographical, mechanical, environmental, and civil sciences. Through these project activities, students discover how math and science are applied in the real-world. Often, the experience inspires students to pursue a career in engineering.

For more information on any of the programs, please contact:

K-12 Outreach

Vemitra White
Director of Educational
Outreach and Support Programs,
K-12 Outreach

Mailstop 9544
662.325.8277 p
662.325.8573 f

Lydia Allison
Research Associate,
K-12 Outreach and
Diversity Programs Sponsorship

Mailstop 9544
662.325.0479 p
662.325.8573 f


Christina McDaniel
Region V MSEF Coordinator
Mailstop 9544
662.325.8511 p
662.325.8573 f

Contact Emails:

Summer Academies: bagleysummer@gmail.com

BEST Robotics: msbestdirector@gmail.com

SeaPerch: seaperchsouth@gmail.com

E-Day: msuengineeringday@gmail.com

Tours requests: lallison@bagley.msstate.edu