K‐12 Outreach Correspondence Agreement

For BCoE departmental use (faculty/staff)

The Bagley College of Engineering K-12 Outreach office executes annual STEM competitions, summer academies and educational outreach specific to primary and secondary school systems in Mississippi. The central mission of the K-12 Outreach office is to expose Mississippi students and teachers to STEM content to establish the BCoE’s goal of expanding outreach and community engagement.

In addition to the items above, the K-12 Outreach office aims to provide service to all departments housed within the BCoE. These services include but are not limited to assistance with grant outreach components, summer academies, and school visits.

This document is intended to provide an agreement stating the understanding of the outreach needs of BCoE departments and available service of the K-12 Outreach office. The process for soliciting the service of the BCoE K-12 Outreach office is outlined below. Please complete the digital form below or submit this pdf form.

Plan a meeting with the director to discuss outreach needs and/or ideas.
Shana Lee, Director of K-12 Educational Outreach and Student Programs
662-325-1360 | slee@bagley.msstate.edu

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