Energy Working Group

Group Leader

Jonathan Pote


Agricultural and biological engineering
Jeremiah Davis
Jonathan Pote
Filip To
James Wooten
Fei Yu

Agriculture economics
Keith Coble
Ken Hood
Dan Petrolia

School of Architecture
Michael Berk
David Lewis

Biochemistry, molecular biology, entomology & plant pathology
Shien Lu

Todd Mlsna
David Monts
David Wipf

Chemical engineering
Todd French
Rafael Hernandez
Jason Keith
Keisha Walters

Civil and environmental engineering
V. Gnaneswar Gude
Dennis Truax

Electrical and computer engineering
Mike Mazzola
Yong Fu
Nick Younan

Energy Institute
Glenn Steele

Forest products
Susan Diehl
Don Grebner
El Barberry Hassan
David Jones
Shane Kitchens
Rubin Shmulsky
Phil Steele

Hamid Borazjani
Randy Rousseau

Brenda Kirkland
Darrell Schmitz

Industrial and systems engineering
Sandra Eksiouglu

Institute for Clean Energy Technology
Jeff Lindner
Larry Pearson
Yi Su
Charlie Waggoner

Institute for Imaging & Analytical Technologies
Giselle Munn

Mechanical engineering
Keith Hodge
Sundar Krishnan
Rogelio Luck
Pedro Mago
Kalyan Srinivasan

Mississippi State Chemical Laboratory
Jose Rodriguez

Chuji Wang

Plant and soil sciences
Brian Baldwin

Focus areas / Scope of activities of the group

Nuclear waste/ reprocessing
Coal/Lignite (Environmental effects of energy production and utilization)
Carbon capture and storage
Coal/Lignite (Energy conversion, transmission, distribution, and use)
Enhanced fossil fuel recovery
Diagnostics and monitoring
Biofuels and biochemicals
Renewable feedstocks
CHP (Energy conversion, transmission, distribution, and use)
Supply chain design and management
Energy storage
Transmission and distribution
Energy usage assessments
Federal energy management program (FEMP)
Green/ Sustainable building
CHP (Energy conservation and efficiency)
Life cycle analysis
Economic analysis

List of major accomplishments

Members of the EWG group submitted eleven proposals in FY13, for a total of $9,401,658. Five projects were funded in FY13 through Choctaw Coal (three projects totaling $31,794), USDA NIFA ($1,000,000), and KiOR ($250,000), for a total of $1,281,794.

Join our group

The energy working group (EWG) organizes a number of events during the academic year which will allow you to meet faculty from across campus and discuss new energy research areas, investigate possible new collaborations, and hear from experts in the energy area. The EWG works closely with the Energy Institute. The Energy Institute has established an infrastructure for converting agricultural products into liquid fuels. If interested to join the EWG, contact Sandra Eksioglu.

Contact information for the group leader

Jonathan Pote, PhD
Department Head & Professor
Agriculture and Biological Engineering