College Academic Support

Dean’s Office

Jeanett Mallett Portrait

Jeanett Mallett
Administrative Assistant to the Dean

P 662.325.7183
F 662.325.8573

Erma Murry

Erma Murry
Office Associate to the Associate Dean

P 662.325.9156
F 662.325.8573

Engineering Academic Affairs

Josie Guerry Portrait

Josie Guerry
Manager, Graduate & Distance Education

P 662.325.5923
F 662.325.9094

Tamra Swann Portrait

Tamra Swann
Distance Education Coordinator

P 662.325.3786
F 662.325.9094

Dee Newell Portrait

Dee Newell
Administrative Assistant for Academic Affairs

P 662.325.5523
F 662.325.9094

Laura Bryan Portrait

Laura M Bryan
Office Associate

P 662.325.2266
F 662.325.9094

Joy Smith Portrait

Joy Smith
Admissions Coordinator

P 662.325.7182
F 662.325.8573

Student Programs

Jean Mohammadi-Aragh Portrait

Jean Mohammadi-Aragh
Interim Director of Diversity Programs & Student Development

P 662.325.2042
F 662.325.2298

Galyna Melnychuk Portrait

Galyna Melnychuk
Director of International Programs

P 662.325.5878
F 662.325.8573

Eric Hill Portrait

Eric Hill
Jack Hatcher Entrepreneurship Program Manager

P 662.325.3521

Technical Writing & Communications Education

Amy Barton Portrait

Amy Barton
Program Coordinator & Instructor of Technical Writing

P 662.325.4240
F 662.325.8573

Aaron Grimes Portrait

Aaron Grimes
Instructor of Technical Writing

P 662.325.1493
F 662.325.8573

Alexis Nordin Portrait

Alexis Nordin
Instructor of Technical Writing

P 662.325.0842
F 662.325.8573

Shelly Sanders Portrait

Shelly Sanders
Instructor of Technical Writing

P 662.325.1230
F 662.325.8573

K-12 Outreach

Shana Lee Portrait

Shana Lee
Director of Educational Outreach & Support Programs, K-12 Outreach

P 662.325.1360
F 662.325.8573

Nichole Ball Portrait

Nichole Ball
K-12 Outreach & Diversity Programs Sponsorship

P 662.325.0479
F 662.325.8573

Business Office

Casey Watts Portrait

Casey Watts
Business Manager

P 662.325.2275
F 662.325.8573

Natalie Beatty Portrait

Natalie Beatty
Contract & Grant Specialist

P 662.325.8811
F 662.325.8573

Sheree Bouchillon Portrait

Sheree Bouchillon
Business Coordinator

P 662.325.9297
F 662.325.8573

Engineering Information & Technology Services

Michael Lane Portrait

Michael Lane
System Administrator

P 662.325.9236
F 662.325.8573

Brantley Barksdale Portrait

Brantley Barksdale
Computer Support Specialist

P 662.325.7794
F 662.325.8573

Chris Latham Portrait

Chris Latham
Computer Support Specialist

P 662.325.2270
F 662.325.8573

Raj Patel Portrait

Raj Patel
Assistant Systems Administrator (CSE)

P 662.325.4601

Kendra Posovich Portrait

Kendra Posovich
Computer Support Specialist

P 662.325.4841
F 662.325.8573

Communications Office

Kristen Polk Portrait

Kristen Polk
Publications Manager

P 662.325.5935
F 662.325.8573