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Global Engineering Leadership Minor

With today’s integrated global economy, engineers must understand other cultures, other ways of doing business, and be a part of collaborations that span the globe. To advance in their careers, modern engineers must have not only a strong engineering background, but also cross-cultural experience and management skills.

The minor in Global Engineering Leadership is designed to enhance students’ knowledge of engineering practice in the global marketplace. Students completing this program will develop proficiency in a foreign language, have experience living and studying in a foreign country, and be familiar with engineering leadership and management techniques.

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Curriculum Outline

18 total hours required
*A grade of "C" or better is required in all courses counted toward the minor.

GE 3813 - Challenges in Global Engineering (3 hours required)

Foreign language (6 hours required)
*Must be a modern language. The 6 credit hours must be of the same foreign language.

FL 1113 - Language I
FL 1123 - Language II

Relevant Overseas Engineering Experience (3 hours required)
*Requires approval to apply towards minor. Please submit approval form.

Examples include:

MSU Faculty-led Study Abroad in an engineering course
International Engineering Internship
Semester-long Engineering Exchange Program
Overseas Service Learning (e.g. Engineers Without Borders)

Leadership Electives (6 hours required)

BL 4273 - International Business Law
CE 4703 - Construction Engineering and Management
CE 4743 - Analysis and Mitigation of Conflicts, Claims and Disputes
CE 4903 - Civil Engineering Comprehensive
CSE 3981 - Social and Ethical Issues in Computing
CSE 4223 - Managing Software Projects
GE 2713 - Introduction to Engineering and Public Policy
GE 3011 - Engineering Entrepreneurship Seminar
IB 4103 - International Business
EC 4303 - International Economic Development
EC 4323 - International Economics
IE 3913 - Engineering Economy I
IE 4513 - Engineering Administration
IE 4533 - Project Management
IE 4553 - Engineering Laws and Ethics
ISE 4103 - Cross-Cultural Leadership
MGT 3823 - Socially Responsible Leadership
MGT 4613 - Cross-cultural Management
MKT 3323 - International Logistics
MKT 4033 - International Transportation
MKT 4333 - International Supply Chain Management

Galyna Melnychuk

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Galyna Melnychuk
Director of International Programs

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