Student Research Travel Award


The Student Research Travel award program is designed to support graduate and undergraduate students in the Bagley College of Engineering that have participated in research and are presenting that research at regional, national, and international conferences. Qualifying students will receive partial support to cover travel related expenses associated with the presentation of their research at conferences within their discipline.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. The first author of an accepted full paper.
  2. The paper must be co-authored by a BCoE faculty member.
  3. The paper must have been peer-reviewed and accepted for publication and presentation before submitting an application.
  4. All current, full-time and part-time BCoE undergraduate and graduate students are eligible, though no student will receive more than 1 award a year and no department will receive more than 8 student travel awards.
  5. The student applying for a travel award must be the author and presenter of the paper.
  6. Students must apply for the travel award within the guidelines specified (see below).

Application Acceptance Interval

August 1 – September 30

November 1 – February 28/29

March 1 – June 30

Travel Period

November 1 – February 28/29

March 1 – June 30

July 1 – October 31


The Dean’s Office will provide up to $500 to cover eligible travel expenses, such as conference registration, airfare, taxi/bus/metro fees, hotel and meal expenses. The student or department is responsible for all expenses not covered by these award amounts.  Students are strongly encouraged to request support from other entities on campus (Office of the Graduate School, their department or center, and/or their advisor) to cover travel costs.

Application Process

  1. A separate award application must be submitted for each eligible paper.
  2. The student presenting the paper is the only one responsible and eligible for submitting an application online according to the deadlines specified above.
  3. The application will require (a) full citation information (authors’ names, paper/extended abstract/abstract title, conference name, location, dates), (b) MSU NetIDs of all the student co-authors and the principal faculty co-author, (c) source(s) of funding, other than the Dean’s Office, contributing towards the travel costs, and (d) a PDF copy of the accepted paper, extended abstract to be presented at the conference.
  4. It is possible for the student to review and revise an application prior to its submission.
  5. Once an application is submitted online, the principal faculty co-author will receive an email notification requesting a review and approval of the application.
  6. The application is then forwarded to the pertinent administrator (e.g., department head or center director) for review and approval before it is formally considered for an award.
  7. Please note that an application is considered complete only after the faculty co-author and head/director approvals are received.


Only complete applications will be evaluated. Every effort will be made to notify students of a decision within two weeks of the application submission.


What is considered a national professional conference?
National professional conferences are attended by professionals belonging to one or more engineering, science, and/or education fields. A conference that is regional in scope or attended by mostly students is not eligible.

What is considered a peer-reviewed conference paper/extended abstract?
It is a full-length technical paper that has been evaluated by one or more anonymous reviewers assigned by the conference organizing committee and deemed acceptable for publication and presentation at the designated conference. The extent of peer-review may vary from one conference to another. A paper that is accepted for presentation upon submission and without any peer review is not eligible for this award.

Who is the principal faculty co-author?
This is a faculty member who has contributed the most to the paper besides the student co-author.

If two or more students are listed as co-authors on two or more papers to be presented in the same conference or co-located conferences, can multiple students submit travel award applications to the same conference?
If student A who is planning to present one paper is a co-author on another paper that also includes students B and C as co-authors, then only student A is allowed to apply for the conference travel award.

If the student applicant is a co-author on more than one paper at a given conference, would the Dean’s Office provide additional funding in support of this conference travel?

Can a student submit multiple travel award applications during an academic year?

Is it necessary for all the student co-authors to be from the same department or college?
No. However, only BCoE students qualify for travel awards.

Is it necessary for the first student author to be the presenter?
No, as long as the paper is presented by one of the student co-authors from BCoE.

Is a student co-author from outside the Bagley College of Engineering eligible for a travel award?
No. Students must be enrolled in a BCoE program.

Can I submit an application for a student travel award if my conference paper is still under review?
No. An application may be submitted only after a formal acceptance notice has been issued by the conference organizing committee.

Does submission of an application guarantee that funding will be received if I meet all other requirements?
No. There is limited funding for this program and awards are made on a first come, first served basis.

Can I submit an application to attend a conference even if I am not presenting?
No. Only presenters of papers, extended abstracts, and abstracts are eligible to receive an award.

Can I submit an application to attend a student competition where I will be presenting?
No. Students should submit application to the Student Competition/Design Team Travel Request program.