Certificates & Endorsements

Certificates or endorsements are available to traditional and non-traditional students who meet all admission requirements. Students must be admitted to Mississippi State University in order to pursue certificates or endorsements. Prerequisite courses are required in order to qualify (normally satisfied at the undergraduate level). Some engineering programs may be available to non-engineering graduate students. Please refer to the specific certificate or endorsement of interest for prerequisite requirements and availability to non-engineering graduate students.

All certificates and endorsements require that a student take a minimum of 15 hours of academic credit (5 courses) in an approved area and may be earned by completing selected courses from a list of qualifying courses designated by a representative faculty member or committee. Hours earned in acquiring a certificate or endorsement may be counted toward completion of an advanced engineering degree. A graduate student must achieve a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.00 on courses taken to acquire a certificate. Upon satisfactory completion of the required course work, the student will become a candidate for certification. The MSU transcript will indicate successful completion of the program. Contact information is provided below for each program.