Information Assurance Certificate/Endorsement

Contact Information

Dr. George Trawick at

Return forms to: Amanda Davis at

Information Assurance Certificate/Endorsement Application - Each student who wishes to participate in the program must complete the application and submit it to the appropriate contact (listed above).


A minimum of 15 semester credit hours must be completed for award of the Information Assurance Professional certificate. Successful completion of the certificate requires completion of all courses in List A and any two from List B below. Please indicate the semester in which the course was completed in the space preceding the course number. Additionally, the IA Professional Certificate is only awarded at the same time as a degree in computer engineering, computer science, electrical engineering, industrial engineering, software engineering, or information systems.

The list of courses for the Information Assurance Certificate is given below:

List A (9 hours):

INFOSEC Professional Certificate Core Courses:

  • CSE 4243/6243 - Information and Computer Security
  • CSE 4273/6273 - Introduction to Computer Forensics
  • CSE 4383/6383 - Network Security

List B (6 hours):

  • CSE 4153/6153 - Data Communications and Networks
  • CSE 4733/6733 - Operating Systems I
  • CSE 4503/6503 - Database Management Systems
  • BIS 4513/6513 - Local Area Networks
  • BIS 4113/6113 - BIS Security Management
  • BIS 3753 - Business Database Systems (MIS Students only)
  • BIS 8313 - Advanced Database Design Administration (MIS Students only)
    [NOTE: Either BIS 3753 or BIS 8313 may be counted by MIS students – not both.]
  • Any Advanced (4/6000 level or greater) IA course approved by the certificate administrative point of contract. These courses will typically be special topics courses offered by CSE or the College of Business.