Deadlines for Distance Applications

Fall Admission Deadline

International: on-campus - May 1
Domestic/International: online; Domestic: On-campus - June 1

Spring Admission Deadline

International: on-campus - October 1
Domestic/International: online; Domestic: On-campus - November 1

Summer Admission Deadline

International: on-campus - March 1
Domestic/International: online; Domestic: On-campus - May 1

If you are unable to meet established admission deadlines, please contact the graduate coordinator for your program of interest for special consideration, or you may apply for admission as an Unclassified student. Up to 9 hours of graduate credit may be earned for use toward a graduate degree. For more information regarding Unclassified graduate study, please contact Tamra Swann.

Some programs may have earlier deadlines for their specific department. Please check the graduate handbook for the department you are seeking admission.

Office of the Graduate School, Graduate Admissions

Application for admission to BCoE-Learning is available via an online electronic application process. All required documentation (application, statement of purpose, and letters of recommendation) and payment of application fee may be submitted via electronic application. Original transcripts must be provided.

Office of the Graduate School

Upon receipt of admission, please contact the graduate coordinator of your respective program regarding advising and enrollment.

*Disclaimer: Some departments may have earlier deadlines then those listed above. Please consult the department’s website for their specific admission deadlines.