Course Delivery

The Online Learning program is offered both synchronously and asynchronously, with some restrictions.

Synchronous online classes are site specific and delivered through the Polycom video conferencing system, WebEx, or Big Blue Button to and from the partner sites. Polycom delivery sources are currently only available to students who are physically at the Starkville campus or the Engineering Research and Development Center (ERDC) in Vicksburg.

Asynchronous classes are recorded at the Starkville campus, and then uploaded to Opencast site for the relevant course. These videos are available throughout the semester. All online classes, regardless of synchronous availability, are offered asynchronously. These videos are recorded with High Definition Sony BRC Cameras, and media sources are captured through a multimedia controller that allows the classroom facilitator to swap inputs between document cameras, the computer desktop, and rear and front cameras. All videos are uploaded to our servers shortly after classes.

Click below for a sample of our online classroom:

ECE8990-504 – Information Fusion, taught in the Spring of 2015 by Dr. Derek Anderson