Set-up and Course Access

Net ID & NetPassword

Upon admission to the university, Mississippi State issues a NetID which consists of the student’s initials followed by a number. The Net ID is required to log on to a number of official campus websites. A student may access his/her NetID electronically.

A NetPassword must be created and used in conjunction with the NetID. It can be created, changed, and recovered by going to the password maintenance page.

Registering For Classes

Students should review the graduate handbook information for their specific program of study to find registration instructions. Once an approved list of courses for a given semester is reviewed and approved, the advisor will release the student in banner. A list of current online engineering courses are available on the Current Courses page. To register, the student should login to myState using their NetID and password and select the Banner tab. In the Registration menu, select Register for Classes and choose the semester to register for and proceed to register for classes. Distance students must register for the distance section (5XX).

Accessing Course Videos

Online students will have access to course videos within 24 hours of the on campus course completion. Students should visit to access the course videos. Instructions for viewing the recordings and downloading the recordings are offered below.

Accessing Course Information

Course information is accessible through Canvas (login required). Clicking on the title for a course will take you to the default course view. On the left, there will be a toolbar with options selected by the professor – these may be Assignments, Announcements, Grades, Web Links, or any combination of a wide variety of utilities. These will be different for each class.

Proctoring of Exams

Exams may be required to be administered and monitored by an approved proctor. Exams requiring a person to proctor them will require the student to secure a proctor, complete the proctor approval form, and submit this form for final instructor approval.  Information about proctoring can be found at Some exams may require the use of an online proctoring service.  The instructor will provide more information within the class platform.

Using WebEx

Students who are scheduled to give a final presentation for their degree, and in some instances for course delivery, will use WebEx. WebEx is a video and web conference package maintained by Cisco. It allows users to share their desktop screen as well as voice and chat in a group setting. WebEx runs inside of a browser (IE, Firefox, Chrome, or Safari) on either a Windows, Macintosh, or Linux operating system. It does require the use of Java and cookies. If you would like to test out whether WebEx will work on your computer, please go to Reserving a time slot to give a presentation via WebEx can be done by contacting our IT Support & Staff at


If you experience technical difficulties or have any questions regarding the recording or format of our lecture capture, please contact:

IT Support & Staff
Bagley College of Engineering
Mississippi State University