Are distance learning courses the equivalent of main campus courses?

All distance learning courses/programs delivered online through the BCoE are held to applicable university/IHL regulations.

Distance learning course/programs delivered through BCoE are included in the home academic department’s five-year review process.

Are on-campus visits required?

No, students can complete all class work from home and are not required at any point to come to campus.

What speed internet connection do I need to view classes online?

While there is no set minimum speed, broadband internet access is recommended. Students are expected to download and view videos from the lectures which can be upwards of 100+ MB in size.

What do I do if I have technical difficulties?

Contact our computer support specialists at distance-support@engr.msstate.edu if you need technical assistance or fill out our technical support form here.

How do I find out what textbooks I need for my distance classes?

Distance learning students may purchase textbooks directly from Barnes & Noble at Mississippi State University. 

What is the policy for dropping a class and grade appeals?

Drops (Fall & Spring Term): Students who reduce their normal course load during a semester to a level which results in a reduction in tuition and distance learning fees may receive a 100 percent refund for the courses dropped through the fifth class day. After the fifth class day, no refunds are made for individual courses dropped.

Drops (Summer Term): Drops for all summer terms will be refunded at 100 percent of tuition and distance learning fees during the first class day. After the first class day, no refunds are made for individual courses dropped.

Appealing grades for distance learning courses follows the same process as for main campus courses. Please refer to the Grade Appeals Policy.

Students who are only enrolled in one class during the semester are not dropping a course. They are withdrawing from school. This can be done online at my.msstate.edu within the dates posted on the Academic Calendar.

How do I Withdraw from the University ?

Any student terminating enrollment prior to the end of the semester, except for temporary absences, should initiate a withdrawal request in the myState system (login required). It is available in the Registration menu under the Banner tab. The withdrawal request must be filled out in its entirety; also, it is your responsibility to ensure that your advisor/responsible person in your academic program is aware of your withdrawal. Refunds for tuition and distance learning fee for withdrawals are based on a prorated scale.

Can I get an official student ID card as a distance learner?

Yes, all distance learners should obtain an official MSU ID card.

More information is available at https://www.online.msstate.edu/student-services.

What student support services are available to distance learners?

Distance learners are afforded the same student services available to main campus students and can be viewed on the Center for Distance Education’s Student Services page.

How do I send/get my Mississippi State University Transcript? 

All transcripts can now be ordered online via the Office of the Registrar. Students can submit a transcript request 24 hours/day, 7 days a week. Visit https://www.credentials-inc.com/tplus/?ALUMTRO002423 to place an order. For more information about ordering transcripts online, please click here.

What is the Refund Policy?

Account refunds are determined by the Office of the Controller and Treasurer.

How do I get tickets to Mississippi State University sporting events?

Information about MSU sporting events, schedules, merchandise and tickets can be obtained on the Hail State website.