Graduate Education

Welcome to Graduate Education at BCoE

The James Worth Bagley College of Engineering at Mississippi State University is your place for Graduate Education in Engineering. Since 1892, more than 17,000 students have become engineers from the College of Engineering at Mississippi State. Go beyond the class room and into our research labs. Our students are involved in various research outlets throughout the college, including the Center for Advanced Vehicular Systems (CAVS), which has a partnership with Nissan, Center for Computer Security Research (CCSR); Institute for Clean Energy Technology (ICET); Mississippi Transportation Research Center (MTRC); National Center for Intermodal Transportation for Economic Competitiveness (NCITEC); National Forensic Traning Center (NFTC); Raspet Flight Research Laboratory (RFRL); Sustainable Energy Research Center (SERC); and others.

We hope you look through our on-campus and off-campus programs, as you develop and invest in knowledge for your future careers. The Bagley College of Engineering has many degrees offered, from Biosystems Engineering, all the way to a variety of interdisciplinary degrees.

The Bagley College of Engineering is a professional college whose purposes are to provide both undergraduate and graduate education, to conduct basic and applied research and to engage in extension and public service activities. The College consists of many operating departments and centers, including the following departments or programs of study: