Thrive In Five: B.S./M.S. Dual Degree

Accelerated Degree Programs Available in

Accelerated programs are designed to allow highly qualified undergraduate students to count nine (9) credit hours of their B.S. degree towards their graduate degree program. This is achieved by students completing graduate level courses (6000-level and 8000-level) and receiving dual credit for equivalent undergraduate courses (4000-level and 4990 respectively). All students must apply and be admitted to an accelerated program prior to enrolling in the graduate level classes. Some departments may have additional requirements for admission, and students should check with their respective programs of interest to confirm application requirements. In general at the time a student applies to an accelerated program, s/he must:

  • Be enrolled at Mississippi State University in an undergraduate degree program in the Bagley College of Engineering
  • Have completed a minimum of 60 credit hours towards a Bachelor’s degree (may vary by program)
  • Have an overall GPA of 3.5 or higher for all undergraduate work

Also, you must complete the Undergraduate Enrollment in Accelerated Program form prior to the first day of classes each semester in which you want to take a graduate-level course. This form is used to inform the program, Dean’s office, Graduate School, and Registrar of the double counting of the hours. Students should work closely with the graduate coordinators within their programs on the selection of appropriate courses to be used as part of this program.