Research Working Groups

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB)
Tonya Stone (ME)

Exploring future energy technologies with advanced combustion using hydrogen and carbon capture
Alex Cho (ASE)

Graph AI
Zhiqian Chen (CSE)

Human Autonomy
Junfeng Ma (ISE)

Investigating the Effect of Physical and Electrical Properties of Metallic Materials in Interacting with Microbes/Biofilms Using ML-based Surrogate Model
Nayeon Lee (CAVS)

Metacognitive Learning Analytics
Phyllis Beck (ECE)

Rapid Disaster Recovery Research, Development, and Education Platform
Vuk Marojevic (ECE)

Sleep Engineering
Haifeng Wang (ISE)

Smart Health
Shahram Rahimi (CSE)

Subsurface Carbon Storage
Maryam Mirabolghasemi (ChE)