Where We Work: Naomi Martin

July 28, 2021

Please meet Naomi Martin, a sophomore Mechanical Engineering major. This fall, Naomi will begin an internship with Garney Construction. Take a minute to read about her expectations as a new student in their internship program!

Naomi MartinWhat are your expectations of your internship experience?

I expect for this internship to teach me many valuable lessons, including what a mechanical engineering job entails in the real world as well as learning to work and live independently.

How was the process of obtaining an internship for you?

The process of obtaining this internship was quite pleasant, as the career fair makes for a very conducive environment to meet potential employers. After the initial interview, interested companies reached out separately to follow up. Overall, it was handled in a very professional manner, both on the companies’ and Career Center’s side.

What advice would you give students who may be interested in participating in an internship?

To any interested in an internship, I would say to prepare for your career fair interviews ahead of time, at the very least coming in with questions to ask your potential employers. Also, if you are on the fence about the entire experience, realize that it is an amazing opportunity that will provide you with potential experience in the future.