BIG DATA Working Group


Electrical and computer engineering
Derek Anderson
Jenny Q. Du
James E. Fowler
Yong Fu
Roger King
Yu Luo
Bo Tang
Nicolas H. Younan

Computer science and engineering
Eric Hansen
T. J. Jankun-Kelly
Andy Perkins
Song Zhang

Qingmin Meng

Industrial and systems engineering
Linkan Bian
Mohammad Marufuzzaman

Civil and environmental engineering
Seamus Freyne

Social Science Research Center
Somya Mohanty

College of Education
Stamatis Agiovlasitis

Chenghai Yang
Yanbo Huang

Agricultural and biological engineering
Ganesh Bora
Yang Zhao

Focus Areas

Big Data presents unprecedented opportunities for improving the understanding about natural environment and human activities to make smarter decisions. The aim of this workshop is to bring together signal and information processing researchers, applied mathematicians and statisticians and systems engineers to determine the role that analytical and experimental engineering has to play in Big Data research and development. It is anticipated that meetings organized by this working group provide forums that will inspire the advancement of scientific and technological means in managing, analyzing, visualizing and extracting useful information from large, diverse, distributed and heterogeneous data sets.


Meeting in April 2019 (April 18, 2019, Simrall 228)
“Network, flow, and computational social science” – Xinyue Ye

Meeting in November 2018 (November 6, 2018, Simrall 228)
“Sustainable wireless communications and networking for Internet of Things” – Yu Luo

Lunch Meeting in May 2018 (May 10, 2018, Simrall 104)
“Transfer Learning for Limited Supervision Problems” – Bo Tang

Lunch Meeting in April 2018 (April 10, 2018, Simrall 104)
“Deep Spectroscopic Learning” – Mario Parente

Lunch Meeting in November 2017 (November 27, 2017, Simrall 228)
“Microwave Remote Sensing of Environment via Signals of Opportunity” – Mehmet Kurum

Lunch Meeting in May 2017 (May 11, 2017, Simrall 228)
“Image processing and precision agriculture” – Ganesh Bora

Lunch Meeting in March 2017 (March 22, 2017, Simrall 228)
“Agricultural Remote Sensing and Big Data Management” – Yangbo Huang

Lunch Meeting in November 2016 (November 29, 2016, Simrall 228)
“Algorithms to Solve Large Scale Stochastic Programming Problems” – Mohammad Marufuzzaman

Meeting in August 2016 (August 31, 2016, Simrall 104)
“Hyperspectral Data Classification via Shallow to Deep Neural Networks” – Mingyi He

Lunch meeting in April 2016 (April 12, 2016, Simrall 228)
"Experiences from implementing big data solutions in teaching and research" - Adrian Barb

Meeting in March 2016 (March 30, 2016, 1:30 pm, Simrall 104)
“Hierarchical analysis of multimodal data” – Jocelyn Chanussot

Lunch meeting in February 2016 (February 22, 2016, Simrall 228)
“Big data and data analytics - undiscovered insights” – Roger King

Lunch meeting in December 2015 (December 1, 2015, Simrall 228)
“Large-scale power system optimization” – Yong Fu

Lunch meeting in April 2015 (April 27, 2015, Simrall 228)
"Large-scale remote sensing image standardization" - Qingmin Meng

Lunch meeting in March 2015 (Mar. 30, 2015, Simrall 228)
"Big data research for social sciences" - Somya Mohanty

Lunch meeting in February 2015 (Feb. 27, 2015, Simrall 104)
"Night Vision Colorization Techniques Using Multispectral Imagery" - Yufeng Zheng (Alcorn State Univ.)

Lunch meeting in October 2014 (Oct. 27, 2014 Simrall 104)
"NIH Big Data to Knowledge (BD@K) Initiative"

Lunch meeting in April 2014 (April 21, 2014, Simrall 228)
"Big data visualization" - Dr. Song Zhang

Lunch meeting in April 2014 (April 7, 2014, Simrall 228)
Stochastic Modeling and Prognostic Analysis of Complex Systems Using Condition-Based Sensor Signals" - Dr. Linkan Bian

Lunch meeting in February 2014 (Feb. 14, 2014, Simrall 228)
"Dimensionality reduction of hyperspectral remote sensing imagery" - Dr. Jenny Q. Du

Lunch meeting in November 2013 (Nov. 12, 2013, Simrall 228)
“Radar signal processing” – Dr. John Ball


Anyone who is interested in this working group may participate. Please contact Dr. Jenny Q. Du at if you want to be added to the mailing list.