Biomechanics and Bio-Inspired Design Group (B2DG)

Group Leader

Raj Prabhu
Center for Advanced Vehicular Systems (CAVS) and Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering


Agricultural and biological engineering
Jun Liao
LaShan Simpson
Lakiesha Williams (treasurer)

Hongjoo Rhee
Paul Wang

Hyeona Lim
Suzanne M. Shontz

Computer science and engineering
Song Zhang

Chemical engineering
Santunu Kundu
Neeraj Rai

Mechanical engineering
Mark Horstemeyer

Focus Areas/Scope

The focus areas of the B2DG is to form an interdisciplinary collaborative team of researchers in the BCoE working on the biomechanics of human body trauma and the bio-inspired design of engineering systems including protective gears for humans:

  1. Perform simulation-based analysis (multiscale finite element modeling) of the virtual human body, clad with current protective gear design, to understand the physics of sports-related traumatic injury, and design protective gear using bio-inspired structures and engineering systems (Fig. 1)
  2. Promote collaborative research efforts by the members of B2DG through regular meetings and seek external grant application to the national funding agencies including National Science Foundation, Department of Defense, Department of Energy, sports governing bodies, and National Institute of Health
  3. Use the current findings and funding as leverage for generating conference proceedings and publications in traumatic injury biomechanics and novel protective gear design. The publications would then be used to bolster the funding opportunities of the B2DG through already established track record of publishing cutting-edge research in biomechanics and bio-inspired design.

List of accomplishments

Awarded Proposals

  • Zavation LLC, “Biomedical Assessment of Zavation Combined Magnetic Field (CMF) Device: Phase I,” $72,000
  • DoD ERDC CRES-GV, “Virtual Soldier Model for Occupant Centric Design.” $187,879

New Research Collaborations

  • Collaboratory research in computational neurotrauma with Dr. Michelle LaPlaca of Georgia Institute of Technology, GA with Dr. Raj Prabhu, Dr. Jun Liao and Dr. Lakiesha Williams of Mississippi State University, MS.
  • Collaboratory research with Dr. David Chang spinal vertebrae trauma animal model experimentation and modeling, and design of a bio-medical device for Vertebrae reconstruction.
  • Collaboratory research with Dr. Kumar Mallikarjunan and Dr. Pam VandaVord of Virginia Tech. in chemosensory prediction of traumatic brain injury

Calendar of Events

Monthly meetings (on the first or second week of the month) based on the availability of most members.

Invitation to BCoE and MSU faculty

The B2DG would like to invite the participation of the BCoE and MSU faculty who are interested in pursuing collaboratory research and multidisciplinary grants in biomechanics and bio-inspired design.