Solid Mechanics Working Group

Group Leader
Mark F. Horstemeyer
Chair, Solid Mechanics Working Group


Aerospace Engineering: 
Pasquale Cinnella, Professor
Thomas E. Lacy, Professor
James C. Newman Jr., Professor
Masoud Rais-Rohani, Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies, Professor

Agricultural and Biological Engineering: 
Steven H. Elder, Professor
Jun Liao, Associate Professor
Raj Prabhu, Assistant Research Professor
Lakiesha N. Williams, Assistant Professor
Civil and Environmental Engineering: 
Thomas White, Professor
Phillip M. Gullett, Associate Professor
Isaac Howard, Associate Professor

Mathematics & Statistics: 
Seongjai Kim, Associate Professor
Hyeona Lim, Associate Professor

Mechanical Engineering: 
Douglas J. Bammann, Professor
Steven R. Daniewicz, Professor
Mark F. Horstemeyer, Professor
Rogelio Luck, Professor
Oliver Myers, Assistant Professor
Nima Shamsaei, Assistant Professor
Tonya W. Stone, Assistant Professor
Yucheng Liu, Associate Professor

Youssef Hammi, Assistant Research Professor
Marcos Lugo, Postdoctoral Associate
Andrew L. Oppedal, Postdoctoral Associate
Richard A. Weed, Associate Research Professor
Wilburn Whittington, Research Associate I
Bhaskar Paliwal, Postdoctoral Associate
Christopher Barrett, Postdoctoral Associate
Doyle (Ted) Dickel, Postdoctoral Associate
Haley Doude, Postdoctoral Associate

Focus Areas/Scope of Activities of the Group

The Solid Mechanics Working Group members are working to expand and promote the group and encourage communication among faculty involved in solid mechanics research, education, materials science and aerospace.  The group hosts outstanding speakers in these fields to bring progressive insight to attendees on the new trends in the solid mechanics, materials and composite material manufacturing fields. We are developing the program of study to include broad and novel educational courses featuring design throughout the curriculum for graduate and undergraduate students giving rise to a diverse group of future engineers/scientists.


  • Designing a plan for Curriculum Development and the continuation of the ICME Education Course.
  • Integrating this information into mechanical engineering courses.
  • Hosted several highly acclaimed speakers in the mechanical/modeling field.
  • Three Biennial Symposiums of Predictive Science and Technology in Mechanics and Materials (2008, 2010, 2012).

Join Our Group

The Solid Mechanics Working Group is a diversified group of individuals whose objectives are to embolden communication among faculty engaged in solid mechanics research, education, materials science and aerospace.

We encourage those in the engineering community who wish to be involved to contact Mark Horstemeyer.

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