Bagley College of Engineering Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering hosts spring 2024 design showcase, announces winners

May 9, 2024

Sixty-six groundbreaking projects were presented during the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Design Showcase this week.

The showcase, which occurs in the fall and spring semesters, featured teams from the department’s Foundations in Design, Capstone Design I and Capstone Design II classes. Students in these courses used their knowledge and skills to incorporate appropriate engineering standards, all while fabricating designs, testing projects and demonstrating fully functional projects. During the showcase, each team had the opportunity to present their projects to those who attended. First through third places were chosen for both the Foundations in Design course and the Capstone Design II course.

The team that placed first in the Capstone Design II showcase received the Ed Blakeslee Senior Capstone Design Award and $1,000. The Ed Blakeslee Senior Capstone Design Award was made possible through the generous donation of electrical engineer alumnus Ed Blakeslee. All projects and descriptions are listed below, starting with first, second and third place.

Capstone Senior Design

First Place/Ed Blakeslee Senior Capstone Design Award: Andrew Bonner, Jade Geiselman, Bryce Harrison, Siddhraj Padhiyar and Bradley Rivers

Project: HandsInSync

The HandsInSync glove translates common signs in sign language to audible speech.

Project Advisors: Lalitha Dabbiru and Christopher Hudson

Second Place: Caleb Anderson, Daniel DuBois, Trace Sweeney, Andrew Thompson and Adam Wofford

Project: Guardian Eye

The Guardian Eye is a home-monitoring device equipped with motion detection and image processing. Detected motion is photographed and processed to identify and categorize the motion’s source. When an object is identified, the user receives a notification detailing what was recorded.

Project Advisor: Jean Mohammadi-Aragh


Third Place: John Arnoult, Robert Fleming, Dylan Johnson and Chandler Miller

Project: CoolEye

CoolEye is an inventory system for restaurants that goes inside a cooler to make inventory tracking convenient and reliable. It uses a barcode scanner and a camera with an im image recognition model to accurately track a restaurant's inventory and prevent food waste.

Project Advisor: Umar Iqbal

Foundations in Design

First Place/Best Foundations in Design Award: David Adams, John Frye, Bradley Hodges and Thomas Ryals

Project: Wake and Shake

Wake and Shake is an easy-to-use, automatic protein shake maker for the everyday athlete. With a built-in timer, precise measurements, and simple controls, this machine makes protein shakes while you can relax.

Project Mentors: Dane Smith, Jean Mohammadi-Aragh and Chase Robinson

Second Place/Most Original Project (tied): Gabe Brown, Dastiny Farmer, Samuel Sutton and Riley Whittington

Project: Snake Shaker

Snake Shaker is a device to automatically detect and deter snakes. The device functions via motion sensors and vibrating motors flush with the ground.

Project Mentors: Nisha Adhikari, Jean Mohammadi-Aragh and Chase Robinson

Second Place/Most Technical Project (tied): Thomas Brooks, Mason Doxey and Jacob Robinson

Project: Mix Master Pro

MixMaster Pro is an innovative automated mixed drink maker designed to revolutionize the coffee industry at home. It combines advanced robotics with the ability to deliver precision and consistency every time.

Project Mentors: Cooper Robertson, Jean Mohammadi-Aragh and Chase Robinson

Honorable Mention: Anthony McNulty and Joshua Ward

Project: Plant Waterer

The plant watering system was designed for those needing help to build or automate a routine of watering any type of plant. With a multifaceted plant selection type and email notification system, this product is your step to ensure an everlasting, healthy plant friend.

Project Mentor: Siddhraj Padhiyar, Jean Mohammadi-Aragh and Chase Robinson

Honorable Mention: Keb Brawner, Ankit Dhakal, Sam English and Saugat Karki

Project: Hand Gesture Controlled Wheelchair

The hand gesture-controlled wheelchair is operated by various hand motions. Simply move a hand in the desired direction, and the wheelchair will move that way.

Project Mentors: Jigar Bhatt, Jean Mohammadi-Aragh and Chase Robinson

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