Bagley Bound Newsletter – July 2022

July 11, 2022

McCain Hall
McCain Hall

Hello, Future Bulldogs!

Summer is in full swing, future bulldogs! I hope you all are enjoying some sun and fun as you prepare for a new school year. We have some exciting events coming up that we cannot wait to share with you!

Below are updates to keep you in the know about the BCoE and what to expect:

  1. Hail State @ 8 is in one month! Are you ready to apply to be a Bulldog for Fall 2023? Join us by applying at 8 pm CST on August 1, 2022 for Fall 2023 here.
  2. Are you a Summer/Fall 2023 prospective Engineering student in the Jackson Metro area? Mark your calendars for Engineering 101 Live! On Monday, July 11, 2022 at 6 pm. More information to follow.
  3. It’s not too late to be admitted for Fall 2022! What are you waiting for? APPLY NOW!
  4. Have you filled out the FAFSA? The Free Application for Federal Student Aid is encouraged for all students looking to attend Mississippi State. FAFSA application is live now for 2022-2023 school year.
  5. Have you visited campus? I encourage you to schedule a visit with the Bagley College of Engineering to experience all that we have to offer you as a student. Book your campus visit now!

I’m looking forward to hopefully seeing all of you on campus soon!

Hail State!
Joy Smith
Admissions Coordinator

Jason Keith

Fast Fact from the Dean

Mechanical Engineering students designed and validated an Abaqus simulation for the curved panel forming process for the core stage of the Space Launch System for The Boeing Company. This will save the company time and money when developing new geometries for the core stage panels.”

Dr. Jason Keith

Professor Profile

David Cole

Degrees and Universities: B.S. Mississippi State University, M.S. Louisiana State University

What do you teach and in what department?
Petroleum Engineering in Swalm School of Chemical Engineering

Why did you want to get into your current field?
The oil and gas industry was by far the most exciting and lucrative of the opportunities I had when I graduated. I looked forward with much anticipation and I look back with much gratitude.

What research(if any) are you working on?
None directly, though I am working with a colleague on installing a drilling simulator which will revolutionize the way we teach Drilling to our students.

What brought you to Mississippi State University?
I was able to take an early retirement from my job and move closer to home. Equally important was being part of the start-up of a new degree program. I wanted to invest in future oil and gas professionals and opportunities like this come once in a lifetime.

What has been your favorite part of teaching future generations of engineers?
I love to see the “lightbulb” come on when the students understand a new and difficult concept. While I enjoy class and the interactions there, what I enjoy most is interacting with students outside of class.

What is a fun fact about you that you would like to share?
I am a huge fan of ‘70’s rock music. My first rock concert was the Doobie Brothers in a brand-new Humphrey Coliseum.

What piece of advice would you give a student that is thinking of pursuing engineering at Mississippi State?
You can’t go wrong with an engineering degree from Mississippi State. Your degree will serve you well in life. To make the most of the opportunity though, you need a plan. A plan to stay engaged. A plan to stay on track. Get to know your professors – especially those in your major.

Meet A Current Student

Tara Broome

Tara Broome

Where are you from: Madison, MS

Course of study: Computer Science Engineering

Classification: Senior

What are you involved in?
I’ve previously worked with professors to raise involvement among women in CSE, and I am currently working with one to create a cyber training package for small businesses. I’m a member of Tau Beta Pi, SWE, and Alpha Delta Pi. Every other semester I Co-Op in software development.

Why did you choose the major you did?
I originally choose computer science due to my love of cars. Since many of todays are computer operated, I learned I could no longer just rely on mechanics and needed to know how to program. After learning more, I became interested in security and changed my concentration to cyber.

Why did you choose MSU?
MSU is a tradition in my family. It was the only place I toured that felt like an extension of home. Everyone on campus is so eager to help! Whether it is with directions or offering to jump off your car (like when mine broke down on test day). I’ve never not seen a friendly face, and I’ve never felt like I don’t belong.

Favorite spot on campus: My favorite spot on campus would be the side of the library by Einstein Bagels! I love going back there in-between classes for lunch or to study in one of the rooms. It’s never too loud and never too cold. At this point, I have spent more time there than my apartment.

Favorite place to eat in Starkville: My all-time favorite place to eat in Starkville would either be Andaman Thai or Thai Siam. It honestly depends on which makes their noodles spicier that day. The hotter the better!

What is a fun fact that you wish every student knew about the BCoE or MSU?
There are so many course options available to you no matter what your major is! One of the things on my bucket list was to learn how to weld. I never got the option in high school, but I was able to here even though it did not apply to my major. I think overall that has been my favorite class. I learned so much, got to make some pretty cool things, and made some of the nicest friends. If you find a class you think would be interesting, take it!!

Noteworthy Achievements

MSU researchers receive three global TechConnect Innovation Awards

Mississippi State University researchers are once again being recognized at a leading global technology conference for their innovation.

Three MSU projects this week received the Innovation Award at the TechConnect World Innovation Conference and Expo, held in Washington, D.C. An MSU research team also was recognized with an Innovation Award in 2021.

The individuals recognized at the 2022 conference include Collen Scott, assistant professor of Chemistry for “NIR-II Dye for Biological Imaging and Optoelectronic Devices”; NSPARC Assistant Research Professor Tony Luczak and Erin Parker, a graduate student in industrial and systems engineering, for “Athlete Engineering - Baseline Ecosystem: Innovative Technologies to Enhance Human Performance;” and Fashion Design and Merchandising Associate Professor Charles Freeman, Swalm School of Chemical Engineering faculty members Bill Elmore and Santanu Kundu, graduate student Katherine Elmore and former postdoctoral researcher Rangana Wijayapala for “Cottonseed Oil Polymer.”

Article excerpt from the BCoE Newsroom.
Read full article

Erin Parker and Katherine Elmore

Left: MSU Assistant Research Professor Tony Luczak and graduate student Erin Parker received an Innovation Award for their novel inventions to improve human performance and safety.

Right: Katherine Elmore, a chemical engineering graduate student, accepts a TechConnect Innovation Award on behalf of an interdisciplinary team of researchers that developed novel cottonseed oil polymers.

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