King earns worldwide organization’s top membership honor

January 13, 2014

6231STARKVILLE, Miss. – A veteran administrator in the Bagley College of Engineering will receive a worldwide organization’s highest membership honor.

Roger King, director of the Center for Advanced Vehicular Systems, will be named a Fellow in the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) this January.

The rank of Fellow is the highest grade of membership in many professional organizations. It is awarded to members who have made a significant impact to their respective fields. Less than 1/10 of 1 percent of the total IEEE membership earns the honor each year.

“We are truly delighted and proud about the many world-class accomplishments of Dr. King,” said Achille Messac, dean of the Bagley College of Engineering.

King earns this recognition based, in part, on his contributions to power systems data analytics to improve grid reliability. He has also made significant technical contributions in other areas of data analytics and information semantics throughout his career.

Most recently, through his leadership at CAVS, King has developed research activities that include efforts on vehicle weight reduction, improved crashworthiness, crash avoidance, new power-generation, and autonomous vehicle control, as well as advances in improved diagnostics, manufacturing, and human-interface and computational design technologies. He holds four patents and has authored more than 200 published works relating to his areas of research.

Earlier this year, King was named to the international advisory board of the Korea Institute of Industrial Technology, also known as KITECH. In this position he is able to implement joint research projects to further the research of CAVS.

Having joined the Mississippi State faculty ranks in 1988 as an associate professor, King was named a full professor in 1993. In that time he has also held many administrative roles including, associate dean and coordinator of international programs in the Bagley College of Engineering, chief engineer of the Remote Sensing Technologies Center, and associate director of research for the GeoResources Institute.

In 2009, King received the career achievement award from the Bagley College of Engineering for his accomplishments since joining the university. He also has earned Mississippi State’s highest honors for faculty and research, being named a William L. Giles Distinguished Professor and earning the Ralph E. Powe Research Award. Additionally, he holds the title of honorary professor at Cardiff University, United Kingdom.

King holds a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from West Virginia University and a master’s degree from the University of Pittsburgh. He earned a doctorate from the University of Wales in the United Kingdom.

As the world’s largest professional organization for electrical and computer engineers, IEEE awards the rank of Fellow to those who have exhibited extraordinary proficiency and earned distinction in their profession.

IEEE’s mission is to benefit humanity through advancements, technology and innovation. It comprises 400,000 members in 160 countries and is a leading authority on a wide variety of technological areas. More information about IEEE can be found at

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By: Erin Boozer