Petroleum Experts (Petex) Renews Multi-Million-Dollar License Donation for the seventh consecutive year within the Swalm School of Chemical Engineering at Mississippi State University

November 8, 2023

For the seventh time since 2016, Scotland-based engineering firm Petroleum Experts (Petex) has donated software to the Swalm School of Chemical Engineering at Mississippi State University which continues providing valuable experiential learning opportunities for students within the field to gain hands-on experience and knowledge of industry level software. Students majoring in chemical engineering with interest in the petroleum field and other similar areas will continue to be able to couple the knowledge attained in the classroom and apply those concepts through the various tools within the suite to strengthen their current academic knowledge as well as make them marketable candidates in the workforce in their field of study upon graduation.

Petroleum Experts made their first software donation to Mississippi State in the fall of 2016.

In addition to supporting the Bagley College of Engineering’s petroleum engineering program, this year’s donation also includes software licenses for Mississippi State’s Department of Geosciences. The total donation has an equivalent value of $6,692,468.03.

“We can’t thank Petroleum Experts enough for continuing to support our petroleum engineering students,” said Dr. Bill B. Elmore, Earnest W. Deavenport, Jr. Chair, and department head for the Dave C. Swalm School of Chemical Engineering. “This software is invaluable for our students as they learn about the petroleum engineering industry and is a fantastic educational resource.

The Petroleum Experts software gift includes licenses for PROSPER (64 Bit), GAP (64 Bit),PVTP (64 Bit), MBAL (64 Bit), REVEAL (64 Bit), and RESOLVE (64 Bit). The suite of tools is used to study fluids, subsurface, well and surface engineering, and has benefits for reservoir engineers as well as production engineers. Mississippi State petroleum engineering students use the various software components as part of their educational training.

The software developed and donated by Petroleum Experts covers a vast array of tools that can be used alone or with other software packages. The Dave C. Swalm School of Chemical Engineering is part of Mississippi State’s Bagley College of Engineering.

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