BCoE Student Hall of Fame 2024: Ryan Harper

February 15, 2024

Congratulations to the 2024 Bagley College of Engineering Student Hall of Fame class!
Over the next few days, we will be highlighting each SHoF recipient.
The new members participated in a Q&A reflecting on their time at Mississippi State.

Ryan Harper

What is your name, age, classification and major?

My name is Ryan Harper, and I am 21 and a senior in electrical engineering.

What year did you begin studying at MSU, and when is your expected graduation date?

I started studying at MSU in the fall of 2020 and am expected to graduate in the spring of 2024.

Why did you choose to attend MSU, and why did you choose an engineering field of study?

I chose to attend MSU because it was the closest engineering university to me! I chose engineering because I have a love for problem-solving. This problem-solving started with tearing apart toasters and helping my dad work on trucks and eventually led me to pursue this field.

What are your favorite campus organizations you have become a part of?

My favorite organizations that I have been a part of are the Bagley Ambassadors and the Student Association!

What has been your favorite course you have taken at MSU and why?

My favorite course that I’ve taken throughout my time would be my Introduction to Radar class taught by Dr. John Ball. This became my favorite because of the way the course was taught and delivered. It provided real-world examples and challenged us to solve an issue through all that we learned in the class. We also had guest speakers come in and talk about what they did and how they became involved in their field.

Which course has been your most challenging at MSU and why? What was something you learned about yourself after taking that course?

The most challenging course that I’ve taken at MSU would be Power Electronic Applications. This was the first graduate-level course that I took as an undergraduate. This class was difficult because it switched the way of thinking from solving just one part of the problem to looking at the overall requirements needed for the system to work. What I learned about this course was how much I enjoyed the top-level view and designing and solving the requirements.

What is one thing you have learned related to engineering during your time at the Bagley College of Engineering?

The one thing that I’ve learned about engineering is that you won’t just do the type of engineering you’ve majored in. No matter what we do after college, it will be a conglomeration of different types of engineering, and it's best to be ready to learn these aspects.

How has MSU, specifically the Bagley College of Engineering, prepared you for professional life after college?

MSU has prepared me with the practical knowledge and experience I need to succeed in whatever I do after my undergraduate degree. I feel that the hands-on experience here cannot be traded for any amount of classroom time.

What are your plans after graduation?

My plans after graduation are to attend graduate school for my master’s in electrical engineering. After that, I wish to work in industry for a decade or so before pursuing my Ph.D. in electrical engineering as well. Once I retire, I hope to come back to Mississippi State University and teach.

What will you miss most about MSU after you graduate?

The thing that I will miss the most about MSU is the people. Though it sounds weird coming from an engineer, the people on MSU’s campus are so hard to find. Everyone here is friendly and always pushing you to be better and do great things.

Ryan Harper

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