Research Support Staff Award

The Research Awards Program is designed to honor those individuals who contribute significantly to the University's mission of research; to recognize and reward students, faculty, and support staff for their accomplishments in research and creative endeavors; and to increase awareness of Mississippi State research programs and capabilities. The winner of the Bagley Research Support Staff Award will receive $1,000 and be entered into the Mississippi State university-wide Research Awards, sponsored by ORED.

Nomination Process

Employees and students of Mississippi State University (i.e., faculty, administrators, staff, and students) may make nominations. Three letters of support or recommendations for nominees are required in all categories along with the attached Nominator Coversheet. Each College or University Center and Institute may select an awardee in all award categories but is not required to nominate in all categories.

Departments and units can submit more than one name for each category (Faculty, Research Support Staff (professional/classified), Graduate Students (Master's or Doctoral), and Undergraduate Students), or they can use an internal selection process to put forward a single name to the college for each category.

Bagley College of Engineering nominations are due to Dr. Kari Babski-Reeves by TBD.

The nomination form coming soon.