Teaching Award for Distance Learning

The goal of the Teaching Award for Distance Learning is to recognize excellence in teaching in our distance programs. Nomination packets should include:

  1. nomination letter from a colleague, department head, dean, student, MSU graduate, or other professional associate
  2. one to three letters of support from former students (at least two must be from students who have been taught by the nominee in the past five years)
  3. nominee’s current CV
  4. nominee’s teaching statement – description and evidence of excellence in distance teaching in a maximum of five pages, including but not limited to distance courses taught and developed, research and scholarship in distance teaching, teaching awards, activities to promote excellence in the college’s distance programs, etc.
  5. summary of student evaluations in courses taught over the past five years (include copies of official statistical summaries for all courses taught and evaluated with distance courses clearly designated AND prepare a one- to two-page summary table listing the means for each official university evaluation question for each course taught and evaluated, noting course number, title or abbreviated titled, and semester and year; do NOT include individual student response sheets and do not go beyond the past five years)

The winner of the Teaching Award for Distance will receive $2,000.

Please submit complete nomination packets electronically to Brenda Grebner at bgrebner@bagley.msstate.edu no later than February 15.