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Bagley Bound Newsletter – October 2020

October 1, 2020

McCain Hall
McCain Hall

Hi, Future Bulldogs!

I am very excited about all of our newly admitted Fall 2021 students! Congratulations to you for taking the biggest step in your future. Now, it’s time to get everything lined up for you for next year.

October 1, 2020 is when the FAFSA, General Scholarship Application, and Housing Application opened. Be sure to get that completed. As you may be aware, December 1, 2020 is the priority date for competitive scholarships. You must have the GSA in on that date to be considered for the maximum amount of scholarships.

I want to give a BIG shout-out to our students that attended our event on September 14th! It was a great time. Our next event will be on Monday, November 9, 2020 for students interested in

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Biological and Biomedical Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering

Keep a look out on next month’s newsletter to register.

Just a couple of things:

  1. Don’t forget about the virtual information sessions every Tuesday and Wednesday at 4 pm. Register here.
  2. Want to chat with me one-on-one? Schedule a Cowbell Chat here.
  3. In-person campus visits are happening! We would love to have you on campus.

Haven’t applied, yet? Don’t worry! There’s still time!

Haven’t visited campus? We want to see you on campus!

I am very excited about each of you and how you will impact our college and university. If there is ever anything I can do for you, please reach out.

Stay safe, be well, and Hail State!
Joy Smith
Admissions Coordinator

Jason Keith

Fast Fact from the Dean

“Athlete Engineering, a working group of researchers founded within the Industrial and Systems Engineering department by faculty Reuben Burch and other colleagues within the Bagley College of Engineering, partnered with the NFL and The Communiversity at East Mississippi Community College to discuss wearable sensors for injury and performance assessment, PPE, and the future of smart PPE with some NBA and NFL wearables companies that want to partner with Mississippi industries to demo their new product for social distancing and contact tracing. These technologies can be used within industrial settings to help improve the safety and health of our industrial athletes as well as our sports athletes.”

Dr. Jason Keith

Important Dates

Add to Google Calendar October 1

FAFSA opens

Add to Google Calendar October TBD

Housing application opens

General scholarship application opens

No dates currently.

Add to Google Calendar December 1

Scholarship Priority Date

No dates currently.

No dates currently.

Add to Google Calendar March 1

Confirm your attendance by registering for orientation.

Add to Google Calendar April 1

Housing Priority Date

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Accept/Decline Scholarship Date

No dates currently.


Meet A Current Student

Sam Sanders

Sam Sanders

"I truly believe there is no other school in the world where you can receive such an amazing education with such a personal atmosphere.”

Meet Sam Sanders, a senior Aerospace Engineering major with a concentration in Aeronautics from New Albany, Mississippi.

Choosing a discipline to study can be overwhelming and sometimes confusing. For Sam, he was undecided between two majors, and he explains how and why he chose Aerospace below:

“Since I was young, I’ve always been fascinated by aircraft and space. I came into college as a Mechanical Engineering major because I felt that it was a greater variety of information and a safer route than going into Aerospace Engineering. However, I had a lot of friends that were in the Intro to Aero Engineering class. Every time I sat with them and heard them talk about the awesome things they learned about in class that day, I realized that I was much more interested in Aerospace Engineering than Mechanical Engineering. To this day, I’m extremely glad that I made the decision to follow my passion instead of the “safe” route.”

For some students, Mississippi State may not be their first-choice institution, and, for Sam, that was the case. When asked why he chose MSU, Sam stated:

“Contrary to my parents’ advice, I was very passive when it came to looking for colleges and scheduling visits. Originally, I was going to go to another school (even though I had never formally visited campus) because I had grown up as a fan. At this point, I had no idea what I wanted to major in. Eventually, my dad insisted that while it would be wise to visit colleges outside of the state, I should at least visit schools inside the state. After visiting schools, I found that I loved the atmosphere of MSU. The people were genuine, the campus was beautiful, and the engineering opportunities were vast. I can’t imagine what my college experience would be like if I hadn’t pursued Aerospace Engineering or met the people that I know today. MSU has left an impact on me that cannot be erased.”

Visiting college campuses is a fun and exciting experience, and one that we definitely encourage all prospective students to do. It is one of the biggest factors in choosing which school to attend. Our campus is beautiful and students have their favorite spots around campus. Sam explained his favorite spots below:

“This may not exactly be considered on campus, but there is a special place in my heart for North Farm. Although closed off now, I have so many memories from freshman year of going down to the bridge with the train tracks and spending time with my friends. Honorable Mention: I absolutely love the Drill Field. Although it’s not really a hidden gem or anything, it’s the place where I spend the most time talking to friends and gathering with people I know. It’s a breath of fresh air on a busy school day. Honorable Honorable Mention: There’s no telling how much time I’ve spent driving through the Refuge or hammocking there. It’s beautiful out there!”

Being in college is so much more than just going to class and studying, though you do a lot of both. It is about the college experience, and at MSU we believe that students are more successful when they are involved in student organizations. Sam is involved with several of our student organizations on campus such as Beta Upsilon Chi, Engineering Recruitment Leaders, Sigma Gamma Tau, Tau Beta Pi, Brickfire, and MaroonVIP (previously).

A couple of fun facts that Sam wanted to share:

  • “I could eat Stromboli’s every day of my life, guaranteed!”
  • “Disclaimer: this isn’t really a fun fact. It’s more of a mindset. I wish every student understood the overlooked beauty of Mississippi State. For almost 150 years, this university has produced a multitude of outstanding people while staying true to its roots. I truly believe there is no other school in the world where you can receive such an amazing education with such a personal atmosphere. It is our responsibility as students to continue this bloodline of success while maintaining an atmosphere that anyone could thrive in. At the least, I think it would be a true injustice to go throughout college without taking the time to appreciate what Mississippi State really is.”

Still haven’t visited campus? Schedule your campus visit with us today by visiting the Campus Visit booking page.

Noteworthy Achievements

Our People: Reuben Burch

Ask most Mississippi State football fans to rank their all-time favorite Bulldog wins and the 1996 victory over Alabama is likely to be high on the list. For Reuben Burch, an assistant professor of industrial and systems engineering in the Bagley College of Engineering, it’s also a big reason why he ultimately chose to attend Mississippi State as a student.

A native of Montevallo, Alabama, Burch had grown up as an Auburn fan. His father had been on Auburn’s track & field team, and he figured it was the school for him. But when he started looking at colleges, his dad, then an Alabama Power chief engineer, mentioned that the best young engineers at the company were Mississippi State graduates.

“I came to Starkville on a recruiting visit the weekend of the Alabama game in 1996,” Burch said. “The energy of that game and the friendliness of the fans was special and something I decided that I wanted to be a part of. It's been only Mississippi State ever since.”

Article excerpt from MSU.
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Reuben Burch

Reuben Burch

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