Bagley graduate student claims 2nd place in student poster competition

September 29, 2020

A Mississippi State biological engineering graduate student was recently recognized by the American Water Resources Association (AWRA) for her research into irrigation in the Mississippi Delta.

MSU graduate student Meredith Brock

Bagley College of Engineering graduate student Meredith Brock was recently recognized by the American Water Resources Association.

Meredith Brock was awarded second place in the student poster competition at the 2020 Virtual Geospatial Water Technology Conference. The poster competition highlights student research from across the United States.

“We felt it would be a good opportunity to attend a conference that encompasses other fields outside of biological engineering because other disciplines may have different perspectives on the same issues or work that we are doing in the field,” said Brock.

In her research, Brock uses geospatial data to study surface water, ground water, and their interactions in the Mississippi Delta. Her poster was titled “Assessing Surface Water and Groundwater Relationships in the Mississippi Delta.” It covered her research in water resources for irrigation, specifically focusing on surface water storage systems in the Mississippi Delta.

Brock said ground water is the main source of water for irrigation in the Delta, and a decline in ground water levels is a major concern for future agriculture.

“With our work we want to quantify the potential impacts surface water can have on mitigating this issue of ground water decline,” said Brock.

Brock said that being recognized for her work reinforced how important graduate research is and the impact it can have.

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By: Abbie Kate Hancock