Chemical engineering hosts first research symposium

August 31, 2021

The Dave C. Swalm School of Chemical Engineering recently hosted the inaugural Swalm Research Symposium.

The symposium featured 14 total presentations from researchers ranging from high school students to postdoctoral researchers. Presenters were judged on their ability communicate ideas, knowledge of their field, response to questions and novelty of their research. Mississippi State faculty from across the university served as judges.

“Overall, the symposium was a great success,” said Bill Elmore, director of the Swalm School of Chemical Engineering. “We appreciate the contributions of all of our judges, from within the Bagley College of Engineering and from the university as a whole. And the event would not have run so smoothly without the support of the chemical engineering staff. We’re already looking for to next year’s symposium.”

Oral presentation winners

Winners of the oral presentation at the 2021 Swalm Research Symposium. From left-to-right, Katie Elmore, Siavash Fadaeerayeni, Humayun Ahmad, and Dr. Neeraj Rai.

The oral presentation winners included:

  1. Siavash Fadaeerayeni (advisor: Dr. Yizhi Xiang) “Nickel/gallium modified HZSM-5 for ethane aromatization: Influence of metal function on reactivity and stability.
  2. Katie Elmore (advisor: Dr. Santanu Kundu) “Enzymatic polymerization of Epoxidized Cottonseed Oil.
  3. Humayun Ahmad (advisor: Dr. Santanu Kundu) “Electrospinning of conjugated polymers: determining the structure-property-processing relationship.

In the postdoc category, the winners included:

  1. Chandra Sarap (advisor: Dr. Neeraj Rai) “Tunable optoelectronic properties of D-A oligomers sandwich with π-spacer.
  2. Md Masrul Huda (advisor: Dr. Neeraj Rai) “Insights into Sorption and Molecular Transport of Aqueous Glucose into Zeolite Nanospores.
  3. Md Abdus Sabuj (advisor: Dr. Neeraj Rai) “Benzobisthiabiazole-based high-spin donor-acceptor conjugated polymers with localized spin distribution.
Poster presentation winners

Winners of the poster presentation for the 2021 Swalm Research Symposium. From left-to-right: Ryan Cook, Ian Johnson, Dr. Neeraj Rai, and Puneet Singh.

In the poster competition for undergraduate and high school students, the winners included:

  1. Ian Johnson, University of Southern Mississippi (advisor: Dr. Santanu Kundu and Dr. Mahesh Gangishetty) for his poster presentation titled, “Electrospinning optically active polymer fibers containing perovskite for use in fibrous LED devices.
  2. Puneet Singh, Goose Creek Memorial High School, (advisor: Dr. Neeraj Rai) for his poster on, “Topological Tailoring of Linear Polycyclic Diradical Hydrocarbons.”
  3. Ryan Cook, University of Louisiana at Lafayette, (advisor: Dr. Mahesh Gangishetty) in third place for his poster on, “Synthesis of Gold Nanotriangles for Photocatalytic Applications.”

The event was organized by the Chemical Engineering Graduate Student Association and led by graduate students Kyle Callahan, Siavash Fadaeerayeni, and Woodrow Wilson.

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By Philip Allison