Nine Bagley students earn scholarships to attend cyber-security conference

November 7, 2018

Nine Mississippi State computer science and engineering students will receive scholarships to attend the upcoming 2019 Usenix Enigma Conference in San Francisco. The scholarship is funded by Facebook and includes the registration fee, travel costs and lodging.

The conference is set for January 28-30, 2019.

Stefano Iannucci

Stefano Iannucci

While at the conference, students will have the opportunity to listen to several talks covering a wide range of topics in digital privacy and security. The goal of the conference is to clearly explain emerging defenses and threats in the growing junction of society and technology.

Stefano Iannucci, an assistant professor of computer science and engineering within the Bagley College of Engineering, will also attend the conference.

“Enigma is one of the most interesting conferences in cyber-security I have ever been to, as it provides a good mix between research and industry,” Iannucci said. “It will be a fantastic time for all the students and, of course, myself.”

The students selected for the scholarship are Russell Girault, Arthur Hubbard, Jesse Ables, Caitlyn Kleinschmidt, Harish Kumar Manchukonda, Mohan Kopuru, Nemat Parween, Christopher Jones and Sarah McDonnell. Funding to attend the conference is based on academic standing in Iannucci’s Secure Software Engineering course.

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By: Julia Gibson