BCoE Student Hall of Fame 2024: Timothy Sellers

February 20, 2024

Congratulations to the 2024 Bagley College of Engineering Student Hall of Fame class!
Over the next few days, we will be highlighting each SHoF recipient.
The new members participated in a Q&A reflecting on their time at Mississippi State.

Timothy Sellers

What is your name, age, classification and major?
My name is Timothy Sellers, and I am 27 years old. I am a fourth-year Ph.D. student majoring in electrical and computer engineering.

What year did you begin studying at MSU, and when is your expected graduation date?
I began my studies at MSU in the fall of 2020 and am expected to graduate in the fall of 2024.

Why did you choose to attend MSU, and why did you choose an engineering field of study?
I chose MSU because of its reputation for developing and conducting research and being well known as an amazing engineering school. I chose the engineering field for a multitude of reasons, one being it was the field in which I could do the most good by helping society solve difficult problems and helping the younger generation find interest in STEM-related fields. I have found that it was the right decision to join MSU and one of the important decisions of my engineering career.

What are your favorite campus organizations you have become a part of?
My favorite organizations on campus would first be the Robotics Club, then the IEEE Student Club, and lastly the Society of Black Voices Club because of their concert and performances every year. Additionally, I really do enjoy the variety of cultural associations on campus because it allows me to learn and experience diverse cultures and their practices around the world. An example is the Caribbean Student Association, where I have attended their events and learned multiple things about Caribbean countries.

What has been your favorite course you have taken at MSU and why?
Out of the courses I have taken, I would say it would be ECE-8743 Advance Robotics and CSE-8990 Advance AI Robotics because they both deal with improving my understanding of autonomy and AI, and they help me to further my research on robotic systems. I enjoyed these classes because of the instructors’ ability to communicate clearly and illustrate the material to the students, thus allowing me to gain first-hand experience in how to conduct technical classes since it is my goal to become a professor.

Which course has been your most challenging at MSU and why? What was something you learned about yourself after taking that course?
My most difficult class at MSU was Machine Learning and Soft Computing because it focused on fuzzy logic or non-exact computing. I am truly fascinated by the concept but found it hard to implement in the task given in class. With the help of the professor and fellow classmates, I was able to gain a full understanding of fuzzy logic systems and develop a fuzzy logic-based robotic path planning application.

What is one thing you have learned related to engineering during your time at Bagley College of Engineering?
I have learned so much from BCoE and ECE, but if I had to choose, I would say how to conduct research and the process of journal and conference paper writing.

How has MSU, specifically the Bagley College of Engineering, prepared you for professional life after college?
Both have greatly prepared me for my professional life after college as they have pushed me to be a better instructor and introduced me to companies and organizations that I could either partner with to conduct research or have a fulfilling career in the industry. Specifically, through the various career fairs that MSU holds every year, I was able to meet many companies and have a variety of career options in the near future. Through the BCoE mission statement, I have found courage and perseverance to continue my studies and achieve my goals.

What are your plans after graduation?
I plan to become a professor and teach robotics at R1 and R2 universities. I would also like to spend some time in the industry to gain more connections and experiences to pass on to my future students.

What will you miss most about MSU after you graduate?
When I graduate from MSU, I will miss the friendships that I’ve made the most, as well as the various engineering organizations. I will also miss working with ECE faculty, staff, and students to develop new research ideas, meeting with students for the senior design II projects, and attending the guest lectures ECE hosts throughout the year. I will also miss the Senior Design Showcase event at the end of each semester. I find that it is a great way to inspire younger students and help them showcase what they have learned during their time at the MSU ECE department.

Timothy Sellers

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